We differ from the other timber merchants and actors in the first and second processing steps of softwood in Western Europe because of WHO WE ARE (see the page About Wood Wide).

John and I have our private, personal stories, in other words, two rather singular paths in life that existed separately before we met to continue our journey together and create a third path common to our two beings.

In any event, our story, to my knowledge, is unique, and we are proud of it. Just as I am proud of my own path and the place I’ve reached today at the age of 46.

Wood Wide offers something exceptional and unique, absolutely rare and singular service, since our work is ‘bespoke’; it is tailored case by case to each situation at time T, down to the very moment.
As far as we know, we are the only ones to provide such comprehensive “all-in service” FROM A TO Z. That is to say, beyond a totally bespoke and adjusted quote, our services start as of the first encounter and pinpointing of the customer’s precise need or needs, and end with the paid delivery.

We will of course take your remarks and CONSTRUCTIVE proposals for improvement on board, for we are constantly searching to improve our beings and doings, i.e. ourselves and our services.


We will also assume responsibility and be there if your expectations are (astonishingly and reasonably) let down.

Today, in these tormented and volatile times where instability is becoming stronger and stronger each day, taking time to listen and to challenge things is essential.

People are faced with so much contradictory and scatty information, often without having the time for analysis and fact-checking that is necessary to take a wise decision, that we believe, as professionals with more than sixty years of experience combined in the sector, that we have a duty to raise awareness and inform people.
So, by dint of peeling and cleaning, we will be able to reach the quintessential core of things and to have a true and accurate view of the specific need, for how long the investment is planned to run and the price that the prospective or current customer is willing and able to pay.

A mix of these elements, added to time and seasonal factors, as well as competition, enables us to provide the best answers to your needs.

Wood Wide will accompany and advise you as you walk down your chosen path by providing you with professional answers to fit your needs to a T.

Adjusting to a customer’s requests and expectations is a must if we are to forge lasting relationships.

Wood Wide orchestrates the entire process: launch of production, milling/peeling, drying, impregnation and shipping. For big jobs involving thousands of cubic metres, Wood Wide oversees its many suppliers to be able to deliver the requisite volumes on schedule.

Being flanked by a long list of actors locally and across Europe is what enables Wood Wide, as a link in the chain and orchestra conductor, to deliver turn-key timber to your door, including to construction sites requiring tens of thousands of cubic metres worth millions of euros!