About Wood Wide

Wood Wide’s name was inspired by a cosmos of possible in the wood sector. Isabelle Huet focused during 20 years on the commercialization of the round wood produced by the former family business Huet Bois in Manhay. Other ports have opened with Wood Wide, since today, everything is possible!

Thanks to her wide address book in the whole timber sector, and to strong relationships built on the long run with historical partners, Isabelle, Johnny and Wood Wide have the challenge to find anything you can think about in wood:

Imagine a world of wood

Just ask, I will find out !

Wood Wide can offer you

Any kind of

Any kind of

Any kind of

Any kind of


Wood Wide will accompany you and advise you in your reflection, offering you professional answers to offer the best quality/ price ratio, according to your needs. To adapt to the customer’s expectations is fundamental to build long lasting partnerships.

Wood Wide orchestrates the whole process : production start-up, calibrating/ peeling, drying, impregnation and transport. On thousands of m3 markets, Wood Wide basically runs its providers to have the volumes delivered in time.

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Experts at your service

Johnny as a buyer and Isabelle as sales responsible : a tiger team!

Isabelle and Johnny have a philosophy of building with their customers and providers strong and lasting relationships on the long run, rich in exchanges where all parties are winning. Wood Wide, a universe of possibilities with a 360° vision of the wood sector : partnerships and synergies!

And this, on two levels:

1 // Sourcing: Johnny lets Isabelle know about available stocks by the producers (cancelled/ modified orders) which Isabelle announces to Wood Wide customers. In return, the providers do Johnny a favour, offering other products needed by Wood Wide.

2 // Sales: Isabelle announces new products (family product launch) to Wood Wide clients or starts delivering them products that they used to buy to other providers: one and alone trusted contact person (resulting in a simplified administration and a better follow up of orders). At every possible occasion, Isabelle places orders to Wood Wide’s customers, of further machined end products or additional commodities in their product range.