Let's imagine a world of wood

Knowhow and experience in the wood sector

Imagine a world of wood

Just ask, we will find out !

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The wood sector is a world of possible, a cosmos of vastness…

About Wood Wide

Wood Wide’s name was inspired by a cosmos of possible in the wood sector. Isabelle Huet focused during 20 years on the commercialization of the round wood produced by the former family business Huet Bois in Manhay. Other ports have opened with Wood Wide, since today, everything is possible!

Thanks to her wide address book in the whole timber sector, and to strong relationships built on the long run with historical partners, Isabelle, Johnny and Wood Wide have the challenge to find anything you can think about in wood:

Imagine a world of wood

Just ask, I will find out !

The wood universe is extremely wide and Wood Wide’s philosophy is to do more and better together, creating thus win-win purchase and sales relationships with precious partners.

Wood Wide’s providers have been specially selected on criteria of quality, professionalism, earnestness and respect of the delivery leads.

Prices are negotiated on huge volumes of purchase and the transports are optimized to enable cost-efficiency and environmental-friendliness.

The idea being to consider the wood sector with a 360° vision and to fit things into the big picture (Wood WIDE…). 

With meaningful partnerships and a wide knowledge of the market, Wood Wide can respond to huge orders of tens of thousands pieces or thousands of m³! The customer will not have to wonder regarding production follow up nor transport planning and will have one and alone contact person who will take care of everything.

Wood Wide will advise you in your reflection and investment decision making.

As soon as the order is confirmed, you can move on since Wood Wide undertakes to deliver you in accordance to its commitments in terms of quality and time because the client satisfaction is Wood Wide‘s ultimate goal.

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Any kind of

Any kind of

Any kind of

Any kind of


Let’s consider the wood sector with a 360-degree view…

The raw timber (with bark) is used in many fields : stanchion, building, draining, etc.Human beings have been using wood since the Middle Age to build on less supporting soils. A buried or immersed timber will not rot and it is not needed to be further finished which results in money saving. Raw timber can be pointed.

The first finishing is the forestly peeling or cambio peeling, by which most of the bark is removed : those are roughly debarked. This type of finishing is requested in some fields because the bark might be a problem in the industrial process or affect the color of the finished product.

The second finishing is the peeling or debarking which results in a round log which is perfectly smooth and white (or rosy in the case of pine, douglas or larch firs). The white peeled products keep their natural conicity and are sought after since very natural and authentical.

The third finishing is the calibrating/ machining which results in a constant diameter on the whole length.
They are used in many areas of use, as landscaping, playgrounds and horse fencing.

Our domestic softwoods are naturally unsustainable. In order to increase the durability, kiln-dried or naturally dried timbers are treated under pressure in autoclave tanks.

Thanks to several vacuums and pressures, the conservation product (green or brown salt solutions (Impralith/ Tanalith) or creosote(coal-derived)) gets into the wood cells and protects the timber against mushrooms, mould or insects.

The creosote having been banned in many countries, we offer a salt alternative : SP treatment, in which a higher concentration gets into the timber, during longer treatment cycles on 25% KD pine : the timber becomes deep chocolate brown and is a very lasting product.

Similar to the round wood, sawn material have different finishing stages. The rough sawn lumbers can be of several qualities (choice or class) : 3rd and 2nd choice from beetle infected timbers might be blue, knotty, wany, cracked; to be used in certain industrial process (wall form/ pallets, etc.); 1st choice in fresh timber for the garden wood or building. Those rough sawn logs can get dried and autoclave treated.

The planned wood : the rough boards get planned to get a very smooth surface and very precise dimensions; they can be grooved, dried and impregnated.

The finger-joined material and laminated lumbers are both from planned logs connected with glue to get very long dimensions for framing.


Plantation stake or post, stake for trees, class IV treated hop pole, tomatoes pole and bean pole, stake for olive trees; stake for fences for cattle or ovine; forest wooden fence, wooden straw for cow udder, anti-hail pole.

Wooden horse fences : round post and half-round rail treated in autoclave under pressure class IV, bridle path and lunging pen, barn and shelter for horses. Horse bedding with wood shaving or wood pellets.

Garden wood : trees trellising (Espaliers), garden edging in impregnated machined timber or oak sleeper treated or not, earth retaining. Round logs house. Colored wood shaving for parterres and parking; pine shaving for landscaping.

Guardrail, edging in machined wood for signposting walking trails, mountain-bike routes, utility pole, impregnated wooden electrical pole.

Driven wooden pile and beaten stake into the ground, wooden post supporting the construction (prop, strut or stanchion), foundation pile, draining pile and post for the construction of storm basin. Lumber, board, beam, laminated wood, KVH, finger-jointed lumber and planned lumber. Round wood for frame and pole for the roof construction. Timber frame, round wooden beam. Terrace decking and snow guard and panel for sound insulation. Landscaping sleeper in pine or oak, autoclave treated or not.

Electrical pile and telephone pole impregnated class IV.

Machined wood for slide and swing, teepee pole and scout pole.

Wood shaving, scarp of wood, pulp wood, panel wood, pallet wood, wood chips, wood for cogeneration, paper wood, log and sawlog veneer, beetle infested wood for export and the production of wooden furniture.

Fire wood, kindling for wood stove and barbecue, ecologic fire starter with wood straw, pellet, match.


Among multiple wood species (hardwood and softwood), origin (local or domestic wood/ imported timber), types (round/ sawn) and subcategory or finish (for the round timbers : raw/ cambio peeled/ white peeled/ machined or calibrated timber/ kiln-dried/ treated or impregnated under pressure in autoclave tanks creosote or salt (CC treatment green or brown or SP);and for the sawn material : roughly swan, planed wood, fresh, 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice or class, laminated wood, sinesto treated, kiln-dried, autoclave treated or impregnated), there is a cosmos of possibilities.

Garden wood, industrial wood, construction wood, etc.

B2B (business to business or wholesale in wood) or retail.

BENELUX (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg), France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and even major Export to Asian/ African countries.


Wood Wide will accompany you and advise you in your reflection, offering you professional answers to offer the best quality/ price ratio, according to your needs. To adapt to the customer’s expectations is fundamental to build long lasting partnerships.

Wood Wide orchestrates the whole process : production start-up, calibrating/ peeling, drying, impregnation and transport. On thousands of m³ markets, Wood Wide basically runs its providers to have the volumes delivered in time.

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Johnny as a buyer and Isabelle as sales responsible : a tiger team!

Isabelle and Johnny have a philosophy of building with their customers and providers strong and lasting relationships on the long run, rich in exchanges where all parties are winning.

Wood Wide, a universe of possibilities with a 360° vision of the wood sector : partnerships and synergies!

And this, on two levels :

1 // Sourcing : Johnny lets Isabelle know about available stocks by the producers (cancelled/ modified orders) which Isabelle announces to Wood Wide customers. In return, the providers do Johnny a favour, offering other products needed by Wood Wide.

2 // Sales : Isabelle announces new products (family product launch) to Wood Wide clients or starts delivering them products that they used to buy to other providers : one and alone trusted contact person (resulting in a simplified administration and a better follow up of orders). At every possible occasion, Isabelle places orders to Wood Wide’s customers, of further machined end products or additional commodities in their product range.

Isabelle huet

With a degree in business and consular HEC-Liège promotion 1999, she joins at 22 years old the family business Exploitation Forestière Georges Huet, where she works for 14 years, and contributes to its development and growth, to bring the company to a position among the leaders in the BENELUX market of round timbers.

From 2015 to 2017, she develops the network of Pellets and firewood resellers for Lampiris and Total Belgium brands.

In January 2018, she resumes work with the former family business Huet Simon Bois as …

… Commercial Director to revitalize and redevelop the sales and client portfolio.

Appointed CEO in June 2018, she focuses, over and above her commercial functions, on the group reorganization and implements the integration of the two companies.

In January 2020, as a proven professional with 20 years of relevant experience in the wood sector and an extended address book in Western Europe, she starts as a free-lance. After only 6 months of activities, Wood Wide SRL is founded on 01/07/2020.

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Johnny starts in the wood sector at 14 years old, as a woodcutter at former Rombouts company, which will become Comes Bois in 1994. At the time, Comes is the biggest production capacity in the BENELUX with a daily amount of 600-800 m3.

Johnny becomes Production Responsible (cutting chain, debarking, calibrating, loading and orders follow up), chief of 15 workers.

At Comes bankrupt in 2017, he is recruted by Christian Huet, HuetBois CEO, as a worker on the main cutting chain in Manhay, where he becomes soon Production Responsible.

In April 2019, following Huet Simon Bois merger, he becomes multi-site Responsible and has to reorganize the yard in Bourcy with a total of 18 men. He works closely with Isabelle Huet to reduce the stock and optimize the wood production.

Associated shareholder in Wood Wide, he joins its payroll on 01/09/2020.

Thanks to his address book, Johnny can get huge amounts of wood produced very quickly.

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