Logo Farm & Country fair

It is with great pleasure and a bit of curiosity that Wood Wide SRL will take part in the 27th edition of the Farm & Country Fair, in Aalten (NL), from June 21 to 23, 2024.

The Farm & Country Fair is a « festival of experience(s) » focusing on living in the countryside. Annual attendance is between 25,000 and 40,000 visitors, from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, mainly families as well as a public aged 40/+.

Info: www.countryfair.nl

Nature on its 31st

We did choose to attend to this Fair especially for obvious reasons of geographical proximity, quality/price ratio and above all similar values ​​(love and likeness to the simple things offered by Mother Nature).

In addition to our products and our business culture, we will highlight the philosophy of Wood Wide, its frankly eco-responsible positioning, local sourcing and short cycles, environmentally-friendly, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) AND good resource(s) management, as a family man.

We are the gardeners of the forest, as well as the Forest Guardians, in partnership with the private and/or public services concerned. We harvest the trunks, with the adequate machine, taking into account the specific situation ; and/or manual felling when necessary; as well as the draft horse for logging. Through our work, we maintain AND maximize the value of softwood from clearings in the Belgian Ardennes (operating site at BE-6850 Paliseul, in the South of Belgium).

We look forward to raising awareness among visitors of the beauty of our Art and our Craftsmanship, while also lifting the veil on concrete realities ignored by the general public.