A truckload of big douglas on its way

Bûcheron et découpeur, responsable check qualité et production chez wood wide

One truck load of Douglas trunks of 12 m3 per tree! With a circumference of more than 300 cm at 1.50 m. from the base, those outstanding Douglas of an exceptional quality will be delivered on 28/09/2020.

The class IV SP impregnation : THE sustainable solution!

Magnifique chargement de poteaux calibrés et lisses demi-rondes traités autoclave classe IV traitement SP, la longévité, appliqué sur du pin séché KD à 25%

The SP treatment is a breakthrough salt-based autoclave impregnation with a major dosage enabling to increase the durability of wood. The process is only possible on KD25% pine material during night cycles, in which vacuum and pressure (-0.80 bars in vacuum, 12 bars of pressure) will result in a quantity of 14,2 kg/M³ as a […]