The SP treatment is a breakthrough salt-based autoclave impregnation with a major dosage enabling to increase the durability of wood. The process is only possible on KD25% pine material during night cycles, in which vacuum and pressure (-0.80 bars in vacuum, 12 bars of pressure) will result in a quantity of 14,2 kg/M³ as a minimum.

From a technical point of view, sapwood represents 50% of a pine pole. As a consequence, 7,1 kg/m³ of the wood must get impregnated, which is achieved by a 2.5% dilute solution since the wood absorb at least 300 kg of solution per m³. The cut hereby proves the result of the outstanding penetration of SP treatment on an half-round machined post, having by its nature much less duramen.
Photo SPc1 et coupe